Submitting Sarah

Montana Maidens Series – Book 4

I want to run into a Garrett and Tagg!

#1 Amazon Bestseller


Having escaped isolation on her father’s ranch, fiery Sarah Jenkins is determined to avoid the fate of her stepmother, Devney, who now lives under the domination of her new husband in Liberty, Montana. But Sarah’s plans to flee to the big city run afoul when she encounters the handsome Ericksson brothers.

Tagg and Garrett aren’t like the possessive men of Liberty. As brothers, they agree to share everything, and have been looking for a woman with a capacity for passion that will enable her to handle two strong lusty men.

When Sarah learns that women who flee Liberty cannot return with their reputations intact, she agrees to accept her fate of becoming one wife to two husbands.

But if submission to one man is work, submission to two men is an art. As Sarah learns to accept the sexual demands of two handsome brothers, can she learn to accept the love they have to offer, and return it?

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