Secret Chapter – Make Me Yours

© 2017 by Vanessa Vale

Bridgewater County – Book 5

My mouth went dry and my panties got wet just ogling him. From nowhere whatsoever came an image of my fingers dancing up and down those lines of buttons and tearing the shirt open in order to bare a sexy cowboy chest. Hell, yes. If this was a getaway, then my mind could take a vacation from reality.

It wasn’t a fantasy I’d ever indulged in before, but I liked the novelty of it. I liked it a lot.

“Lacey? Are you still there?” Ann Marie’s loud voice came through the speaker. I didn’t remember dropping my hand to my side, but I held the phone up again.

Apparently, hot men made me lose brain cells because I lost the train of conversation with my sister. Shaking my head, I backed up from the window and patted my hot cheek. I glanced down. Yup, my nipples were hard beneath my t-shirt. “You’re not going to believe this.”


I swallowed.

“What?” she shouted.

“The hottest cowboy to ever walk this earth,” I whispered, although there was zero way he could hear me talking about him. He was too far away. “I can see him from my window.”

“Oh my god!”

I went to the mirror by the open door—the weather was too nice to be closed in—and glanced at myself. I was startled for a second at my dark hair. It was my natural color, but it had been dyed blonde for my role in the vampire series. I’d assumed it would be for one season, but the show had become a hit and I’d had to keep my hair light ever since.

Until last night. Until I had the driver pull over at an all-night drugstore to buy the new color before dropping me off at the guest ranch. Until I’d spent an hour in the bathroom to change it. The producers could get me a wig for the show. I was tired of the constant touch-ups.

So yeah, new hair color, but the mess was tangled and back in a sloppy ponytail. No makeup. T-shirt and jeans. Oh yeah, they’d want a piece of this.

“What! Lacey, you dirty girl. Get off this phone and go get him. Take condoms! You’re staying in a honeymoon cabin, there must be a full supply stashed somewhere near the bed. And ask him to find a friend. There’s got to be more than one hot cowboy in Montana. Maybe even some lube since you’ll want to have a fling with two of them.”

“Ann Marie Leesworth,” I scolded, my cheeks turning hot at what she was insinuating.

“That’s Mrs. Townsend now,” she scolded right back. “You’re a full-grown adult woman who’s only had sex in the tabloids in what…years? If you want to take on two hot cowboys, then go for it. And I mean back door action, too.”

I didn’t want to think about why my sister was pushing me to have anal sex. There was no way this guy wanted “back door action” with me looking as I was. He was too hot not to have a girlfriend. Or wife.

“He’s probably married,” I countered.

There was a knock on the open door and I spun about. There I could see the silhouette of a cowboy. It couldn’t be the cowboy I’d seen in the distance. Not even an Olympic sprinter was that fast. No, this was another one. And I knew he was a cowboy because his body was big, broad and I couldn’t miss the outline of a cowboy hat.

The silhouette cleared his throat, took a step back onto the small porch so I could see him.

Holy crap.

“I’m not married,” he said, his voice deep and very smooth.

“Oh my god,” I murmured.

The guy I’d been looking at out the window, which, when I tilted my head to the side, was still sauntering my way. Yes, sauntering.

He was dark, while the one who’d surprised the crap out of me was fair. The one in the distance was built like a runner, this guy was more solid. And his forearms? Holy hell, they were tanned and corded with muscle. I wouldn’t look at his hands and think about what they could do with them.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Startle me? Hell, he’d made my ovaries not only wake up, but pop out an egg. He was that virile.

“That’s okay.” What else could I say? I couldn’t be mad at him since he was going to appear in every one of my fantasies from now on. I stepped out onto the porch with him.

“I’m Micah with Bridgewater Adventures.” He removed his hat and held out his hand. Oh yeah, I definitely had a hand fetish. It was warm and his fingers were gentle as he gripped my palm. “I’m here to take you on a ride in the backcountry.” He released his hold and turned to look over his shoulder. “That’s Colt and he has our rides.”

“What’s going on?” I’d forgotten about my sister on speaker, even that I was holding my phone. Lifting it back toward my mouth, I said, “I’m going to have to call you back.”

“Oh no. Is it the hot cowboy?”

I hoped the porch floor would cave in and there would be a huge sinkhole to swallow me. My cheeks flushed and Micah grinned. His dark eyebrow went up.


Micah’s other eyebrow went up, obviously offended I hadn’t called him hot.

“I mean, there’s um…two of them.”

His grin grew as I redeemed myself.

“Two of them?”

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