Secret Chapter – Take Me Fast

© 2017 by Vanessa Vale

Bridgewater County – Book 3



Seven years ago

Even through the sleeping bag, the bed of Cooper’s rusty old truck was hard beneath my back, but I didn’t care. Not when I finally had what I wanted. Who I wanted—times two.

Rory was on top of me, his lean yet solid weight settling between my thighs so I could feel thick outline of his hard cock. My skirt had slid up so my wet panties were pressed against his jeans.

My head was cradled on Cooper’s arm and his breath whispered across my cheek as his free hand slipped inside my cotton button-down blouse. Deft fingers found my furled nipple through my lacy bra. I must have moaned because Rory stilled above me, his hips stopped grinding against me and he pulled away from the hot, wet, messy kiss that had started this whole business.

For a second, I thought maybe he was stopping because someone had heard my sound. But, no. We were parked out in the middle of Baker’s field, far from town. The night was inky black, only the rising moon offering us light. There was no one around for miles, just the sound of a lone coyote in the distance a reminder of where we were.

It was Cooper who broke the silence, his deep voice gentle by my ear. “Are you sure, Ivy? We’ve just wanted you for so long. Too long. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want.”

I bit back a groan of frustration, arched my back into his palm. My pussy was aching, throbbing, begging to be fucked. But I wasn’t just horny for anyone—I wanted these boys. Both of them. I had for ages.

Cooper and Rory.

We’d grown up together, so I’d known them since forever, but our timing had never been right. By the time they took notice of me, I’d given up hope of them and had a boyfriend. Tom. He was nice and all, and I’d hoped that he might make me change my mind about Cooper and Rory. I’d watched from a distance as they grew up, filled out…became men. But it wasn’t until graduation that I finally called it quits with Tom. I told him it was because I was leaving Bridgewater, off to college in Seattle. That was partly the reason, but I also ended it with him because one thing had become abundantly clear—Tom had never turned me on the way Rory and Cooper did with just a smoldering look across a crowded party or with an easy conversation at one of the high school bonfires. I’d fooled myself long enough. I hadn’t had sex with him because I hadn’t been ready. I might have been if Tom had been for me. But he wasn’t.

I wanted Cooper and Rory and no one else would do. I felt things for them, things I hadn’t even understood. At least until now.

My parents had left me with my grandmother when I was a baby and Grandma’s idea of the sex talk was to show me some pictures of insects and flowers. None of those pictures prepared me for the firestorm that erupted inside me whenever Cooper and Rory were near. Some sort of electric current between us made my skin hot, my panties wet, and my stomach do flip flops.

I’d thought I’d known what attraction was, but I’d been clueless. Now, thanks to Rory and Cooper, I’d finally gotten a taste of what it meant to be desired and to be wanted, but our timing sucked yet again. If I’d just known they’d been interested sooner. If they’d told me. If…enough ifs. Summer was almost over, and once it ended, we’d all be going our separate ways.

Cooper and Rory were still frozen beside and above me, their hands frustratingly still as they waited for my answer. I’d heard some guys just took what they wanted, but not these two. The look of concern in their eyes was sweet but I couldn’t figure out why they’d stopped. This was what I’d wanted for so long—they were what I’d wanted—and now it was so close I could taste it, feel it. I shifted, trying to get closer to them.

“I’m sure,” I breathed, wiggling my hips and making Rory hiss out a breath. I reached up, stroked his dark locks back, although they just fell over his forehead again. “I want my first time to be with you. With both of you.”

To most, it would be crazy to be eighteen and want my first time to be with two guys. But this was Bridgewater. Two guys were the norm.

“We weren’t thinking it would go this far,” Rory said, stroking a thumb over my cheek. Besides having my blouse open a few buttons, we were all still fully dressed. “That you’d want to, at least tonight. Shit, I didn’t, um, we don’t have any condoms.”

“It’s okay,” I whispered, my cheeks growing hot under their watchful stares, and I hoped they couldn’t see it in the moonlight. “I’m on the Pill.” I didn’t know why I was embarrassed. I wasn’t the only girl in our school having sex, or in my case, going to. I’d gone to Dr. Murphy the day I’d turned eighteen. I’d already broken up with Tom, but I’d told myself I wanted to be ready when I got to college.

As I stared up at Rory’s heavy-lidded gaze and heard Cooper’s labored breathing beside me, I couldn’t lie to myself any longer. I’d gone on the Pill because I’d hoped against hope that this would happen. I’d been dreaming about being fucked by these boys for months and now they were acting like they were too gentlemanly to give me what I needed. I loved that about them, but screw it.

Arching my hips up, I pressed my pussy against Rory’s erection again. “I know what I’m doing. I want this.”

I watched Rory’s jaw clench, but he didn’t move. He seemed to be waiting for Cooper’s verdict.

I turned my head to look at Cooper, the fair-haired one—the sweet and gentle one. Not that Rory wasn’t sweet…but he sure as hell wasn’t gentle. I knew when they took me, they’d do it just like their personalities; Rory with wild abandon, Cooper with patience and deliberation.

Cooper tucked my hair back behind my ear with the hand that had just been fondling my breasts. His pale gaze met mine, held. “God knows we want you so fucking bad, sweets. We always have. But we’re going to be leaving soon…”

A whole new kind of ache swept over me. Sadness. Regret. Something close to nostalgia, even though that didn’t make any sense at all. We all knew that this would be the one and only chance we had since I was leaving for college in a couple days and these boys had enlisted in the army. We were in a little bubble in the back of the pickup. Alone. Together. Safe.

This was it. Our one chance.

I forced a smile for Cooper’s sake. “I know.” I drew in a deep breath. “All the more reason for us to have this one night, don’t you think?”

Cooper grinned and leaned in to give me a long, lingering kiss as Rory growled above me. He started grinding against me again and I spread my legs wider, giving him total access.

My words worked. All hesitation was gone and both boys sprang into action, fumbling with the remainder of the buttons on my shirt and the zipper of my skirt. Rory gave up on the skirt and tugged my panties off in one move. They raced to take off their own clothes and soon I was staring up at two very naked, very hot young men.

My mouth gaped when I caught sight of their cocks standing at attention as they hovered over me. Holy shit, they were big and they were ready. I’d seen pictures of them in magazines and online, but they weren’t anything like this. Thick and long, hard too, both pointed right at me.

After that it was something of a blur. We were all hands and mouths as we greedily groped and kissed and licked and sucked.

Cooper took me first, settling between my parted thighs and nudging at my eager entrance. He swallowed the cry of pain as he carefully took my virginity. As he did so, Rory whispered in my ear telling me how beautiful I was, how perfect we were together, how he couldn’t wait to have me. He reached between Cooper and I, found my clit with his thumb as Cooper continued to slowly move. To slide deep then pull almost all the way out. The combination was too much. I clawed at his back, pulling him deeper, wanting more. Faster. Wanting it all. I threw my head back and screamed up at the stars. After that, I lost track of how many times they made me come, how many times they took turns fucking me. Until the three of us were lost in each other, until there was nothing between us.

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