Chapter 1 – Savage


I pushed past the fruit and steered to the meat counter. It was damn hard to eat the amount of protein recommended, according to my doctor’s meal sheet. I sighed as I waited for the butcher to come over, so I could order some sausages, but the smell of the raw fish at the far end of the display hit me hard. I gagged before I could even talk myself down.

Oh shit. Where was the bathroom in this place? I spun in a circle, wondering if it was up front by customer service or here in the back, but that only made things worse.

Abandoning my cart, I whirled away from the counter and ran smack into a wall of… tall, hard man.

Big hands wrapped around my elbows. “Hey,” a deep, all-too-familiar voice rumbled. “Becky… hey. Wow. Um… hi. Uh, you all right?”

I craned my neck to look up and… into Clint’s handsome face. My eyes widened in surprise and panic. His nostrils flared as he drew a deep breath, and for a moment, his startled eyes seemed to change from green to grey. I quickly dropped my analysis of the color of his irises because the act of moving my head too fast brought on another wave of nausea.

“Jesus, you look green,” he commented.

For a third time in five minutes, no shit, Sherlock.

I stepped to the left to get around him, but he followed. I shifted to the right as if I were a football tight end trying to get past an opposing linebacker.

“Hey,” he said at the same time as I told him to move.

He didn’t, and that was it for me. I doubled over, heaving, and—God help me—puked a little on Clint’s work boots.

“Oh my God,” I croaked, keeping my head down as I shoved my hand in my purse for a tissue. “Oh God, this is so embarrassing.”

I hadn’t seen Clint in four months, and now I threw up on him. Because of his baby being all sadistic and torturing me from the inside out.


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Vanessa Vale