Secret Chapter – Kiss Me Crazy

Bridgewater County – Book 6

© 2017 Vanessa Vale

Chapter One


“This wasn’t what I meant when I’d said I’d share your hotel room.” My voice came out breathless and filled with laughter. It may not have been what I’d planned, but I sure as hell wasn’t complaining. Canceled flights were a pain, but I’d happily spend the night in an airport hotel if this was my reward.

My head fell back as I panted for air. Jackson’s lips moved to my neck, sucking and licking as he rocked his hips into me. I couldn’t miss the hard length of his cock as he pinned me between his lean body and the hotel room door. My legs wrapped around his waist and one of his big hands cupped my ass. Squeezed.

God, yes.

Jackson lifted his head to grin down at me. He still had the same boyish good looks I’d crushed over in high school when he was the star of the Bridgewater High baseball team. He’d hardly noticed me back then, but now…

Well hell, now I had his full attention. So did my nipples. And my pussy.

“Are you telling me you’d rather be sleeping at the gate, waiting for a morning flight back home?” he asked, his voice a rough rumble against my neck.

I shook my head as his free hand cupped my breast through my shirt. My eyes fell closed and I tried to answer him as he brushed his thumb over my nipple. “Oh shit. I’m saying…um, thank god for coincidences, snow storms and overbooked hotels.”

The sharp bite of Jackson’s pinching fingers on my hard tip had my eyes opening, a cry escaping my lips. My panties? Totally ruined.

His answering—and very gorgeous—smile made my belly do a backflip.

Holy shit, I was making out with Jackson Wray. In a Minneapolis airport hotel room. How did this happen? Fate?

He rocked his hips into me and I bit my lip to stifle a whimper. “Good girl.”

His mouth was back on mine, his tongue delving, his short beard soft and a little ticklish. His hands moved to the hem of my thick turtleneck, found the bare skin beneath and slid up to cup my breasts. There might have been dainty mesh and lace between his calloused palms and my hard nipples, but it didn’t stop my answering moan.

“Yes,” I whimpered. He’d quickly find out how sensitive they were. If he kept at it, he’d get me to come. I was most of the way there and we still had our clothes on.

“I thought I was the breast man.” The low voice came from behind Jackson.

I pulled back to look over his shoulder.

Dash McPherson. How had I forgotten he was there? Oh yeah, Jackson’s mind-melting kisses and his fingers plucking at my nipples.

With a heated gaze and that damned dimple that appeared when he smiled at me, Dash was even better looking now than he’d been back at seventeen. Both of them were. Dash’s dark hair was a touch too long, making his chiseled features slightly less intimidating, but only slightly. And that grin. Wicked and beckoning all at once. That narrowed gaze, that dark look of desire…still made my body tremble, especially since it was aimed straight at me.

Maybe Jackson could feel my reaction because his arms tightened around me and he lifted me away from the door, spinning us about and setting me down on my feet between the two of them. “I was just telling Avery what a good girl she is for letting us take care of her tonight.”

Dash laughed. “As if we were going to leave you to sleep at the gate. Not only isn’t it safe, but miserably uncomfortable.”

I pursed my lips. “I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had to do that. With my job, I practically live in airports.”

Dash crossed his arms over his broad chest, stretching the fabric of his thermal long-sleeved shirt. Jackson’s hands settled on my shoulders and he leaned in from behind me, kissed right behind my ear. I shivered and not from being cold. “And the number of times you’ve gone off to share a room with two men?”

I heard the hint of anger, but it wasn’t directed at me. It was his possessiveness showing. I hadn’t seen him in years and all of a sudden, he was all alpha male. Well, not all of a sudden. I’d heard through Aunt Louise they were both veterinarians and ran their own animal clinic in town.

They were smart and gorgeous. I remembered him that way when we were in high school. But they were older now. Dash took it—possessiveness—to a whole new level. And that level made my clit throb.

“You’re not just two men,” I countered. “It’s been a long time, but I know you guys. We went to high school together.”

Dash just continued to study me, dark brow raised.

“You’re very possessive,” I replied, stating the obvious.

“Baby doll, you have no idea,” he countered, stepping to me and sliding my hair back from my face. It was wild and crazy and never stayed put, even in a sloppy ponytail. “Whether we do anything tonight or not, whether you let us get you naked and get you off, you’re not sleeping in the damned airport. We’re done here with our conference and we’ll see you safely home.”

While we were stuck in Minnesota for the night, we were all heading back to Bridgewater. I’d run into them at the gate, all three of us on the same flight. The cancelled flight.

I might have been born and raised in the small Montana town, but I’d left for college and rarely went back. Not with my crazy family. But my sister’s wedding wasn’t something I could avoid, so here I was. Almost back to Bridgewater. Not home. Dash and Jackson considered Bridgewater home, but I didn’t. I didn’t really have a home. I lived out of a suitcase and lately, it had been shoved underneath a narrow bed in a casa in Mexico. As a travel journalist, I didn’t put down roots, especially in Bridgewater.

The cancelled flight was a reprieve. A delay in returning to my fighting parents and every obvious reason why I kept leaving. While it might be December and Christmas was two weeks away, my family wasn’t like a Norman Rockwell painting. I knew my parents wouldn’t have a tree or any kind of holiday decorations. They didn’t bother. They didn’t bother to get along.

“I won’t spend the night at the airport. I won’t turn down your hospitality. Besides, Jackson just had a hand up my shirt and I think he left a hickey on my neck. I’m not sure how that’s possible wearing a turtleneck,” I grumbled, tugging at the high collar. “I think the chances are pretty good you’re going to get lucky.”

A wild romp with two boys I’d had a crush on in high school. And by the look of them, they weren’t boys any longer. No, at twenty-seven, they were all men. Tall, broad shouldered. Muscled. No, chiseled.

I wanted them, wanted to feel the weight of them pressing me into the bed, of me holding onto the headboard as they took me from behind. As they sucked my nipples. Fingered my pussy. Hell, licked it.

I wasn’t a virgin and I wasn’t going to pretend otherwise. I’d been with men. Men I’d met traveling for work. Men who meant nothing to me more than a quick orgasm. After watching my parents fight for my entire childhood, I had no idea what a real relationship could be like. If it was anything like theirs, I had no interest. That was why I enjoyed the physical, but that was it. No strings. No dating.

My parents’ marriage was completely abnormal for Bridgewater. Almost all marriages were solid, the husbands—yes, both of them—were possessive and very protective of their wife. Affectionate. Loving. My dad was nothing like that. Hell, he’d had a whole string of mistresses and my mom ensured she wasn’t lonely. Why they stayed together after almost thirty years, I had no idea, but it was like watching a car accident, stuff strewn everywhere, people hurt and no way to make it better. I was tired of being used as a tool to fuel their arguments. That was why I stayed away. I’d stopped in for a weekend last summer on my way from Alaska to the Florida Keys between assignments, but I’d spent more time with Aunt Louise than anyone else.

And now I was going back to Bridgewater. I was dreading every minute of it, especially the seafoam green bridesmaid dress I’d wear. My mother had emailed me a picture while I was in Mexico. Perhaps this night was a reprieve, a reprieve with two gorgeous men who I hoped would be naked very soon. A night I could remember when I was laying in my childhood bed listening to my parents fight. I had no doubt Jackson and Dash would be front and center in my thoughts as I got it on with my vibrator for months—no, years—to come.

Vibrators didn’t have affairs, didn’t talk back. And I wasn’t the one being used.

“Lucky?” Jackson asked, hands on my shoulders, nudging me closer to the bed. His thumbs pressed gently into my back. “Lucky was finding you at the gate, that we were on the same flight. That we’ll spend the night with you.”

“That we’ll be traveling with you back to Bridgewater,” Dash added. He worked off his fleece jacket. It was freezing out, well below zero and the snow was blowing thick and sideways outside the window and yet he didn’t wear anything heavier.

“As for what we’re going to do to you, there’s no luck involved.” Jackson’s cocky grin returned and damn if it didn’t look mighty fine with that beard of his. While his hair was brown like Dash’s, it was several shades lighter. I’d felt the softness of it as he kissed me and I wondered what it would feel like…other places. Like between my thighs. Tangled in my fingers as he got me off. And I knew he’d be able to do it. Dash, too.

I’d never slept with a guy from Bridgewater, let alone two. But if I was going to, and I was…Jackson and Dash were definitely my fantasy men and I knew tonight was going to be one wild ride. We had nowhere to go until the blizzard cleared up and the ground stop was lifted. There weren’t any other hotel rooms—that’s why they offered to share theirs with me—even if I wanted one.

“What are you doing in Minneapolis? What brought you to my gate?” I asked, smiling. We hadn’t talked much since we walked to the connecting hotel and were able to get one room.

“Vet conference,” Jackson said.

“That’s right,” I replied, making small talk even as I fantasy-fucked them with my eyes. “You guys opened a clinic in town, right?”

I remembered hearing that from my sister. Jackie had never left Bridgewater. Hell, she’d never even left her high school job waitressing at the local BBQ joint. We had next to nothing in common these days so our conversation consisted of her filling me in on town gossip. For once, her running commentary proved useful.

Dash nodded. Neither of them touched me, but their gazes were hot and sexy as hell.

“Enough small talk,” he said.

“I agree. As Jackson said, running into each other wasn’t luck. A night together, stuck in a hotel room with nothing to do.” I shrugged. “Why not have a little fun while we’re stranded? Like I said, I’ve never been with two guys before but I’ve definitely thought about it. Show me what I’ve been missing?”

“You’ve thought about it?” Dash’s lips turned up at the corners. “I think you’ve got it all wrong, Jackson,” he said to his friend, but kept his eyes on me. “It seems little Avery here grew up to be awfully naughty.”

My knees went weak at the way he’d said the word naughty so Dash wrapped an arm around me, keeping me upright. Fucking hell, I did feel naughty around these two. My brain had gone to a wickedly dirty place—between them.

Dash held me snug against his hard chest and I felt Jackson move behind me so I was sandwiched between them, their rock-hard bodies trapping me and keeping me standing.

Jackson pushed my long brown curls to the side as he nuzzled my neck as best he could with my shirt on. There was that beard tingle again. “We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, sweetheart. Way back in high school even when we were just horny teenagers. You’ve been our fantasy girl ever since then, hot for you every time we saw you when you came home, but never imagined it happening. Until now. Fuck, yes.”

I whimpered. Yup, his honesty was pretty damned hot, especially since I didn’t think I was that much of a catch. But they’d wanted me for…years? Feeling their hard cocks pressing against me, I could feel their pent-up desire to get inside me.

God, yes.


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