Chapter 1 – Wolf Ranch – Feral

“If you think she’s cute, then you can have a go.”

As he opened his mouth to say something, most likely stupid, a female cry cut through the quiet.

I tensed and looked to Clint. Clint looked at me. His blue eyes widened in surprise then concern. A female in trouble raised every one of a shifter male’s instincts to help. To protect. To destroy whoever was a threat.

My hand shot out to try the front door. Unlocked. That made it easy, but I wasn’t past kicking it down if needed.

Throwing it open, we stepped into the entry. It looked exactly as it had the last time I’d been in, as if my old friend was still around. Old Man Shefield had handed down his house, furnishings and all.

To the right was a family room with a stone fireplace. To the left, a dining room with an antique table and chairs. Directly in front of us was a central hallway that led back to the kitchen and also a staircase that led to the second floor. It turned to the right at a landing halfway up. I’d never been on the second floor, but based on the size of the house, I had to assume there were four or five bedrooms.

“Take this floor,” I told Clint. “I’ll head upstairs.” Another cry bounced off the walls. I went up the steps two at a time as my friend headed toward the kitchen.

At the top, I looked left and right. Six doors, all closed. I stilled to use my wolf hearing. I picked up ragged breathing from the right.

Shit. She was hurt, perhaps panicked, judging by the pace of her inhales and exhales.

I stopped in front of the first door. Listened. No.

The second. Again, no.

A whimper came from behind the third door, and I threw it open.

Uh… well.

A bedroom. Tan walls. Two windows with cream curtains, wide open to try and cool off the room. A rag rug on the floor beneath a brass bed. None of that caught my attention for more than a quick glance.


It was the woman lying on top of the unmade bed who had my attention. She must’ve come from the shower because a towel was wrapped around her, and her red hair lay in wet tendrils across the pillow. Her knees were bent, her feet planted on the bed nice and wide, and her hand was between them. She was holding a dildo, and it was crammed nice and deep in her pussy.

I couldn’t miss the patch of fiery red curls above that well-endowed toy or the way her slick pussy lips were stretched around the latex cock.

It was big, but not as big as me. Especially not now when I was instantly hard as a fucking rock.

As for Clint’s comment earlier, yeah, my dick still got hard. Even for humans.

For her.

I was hot all over and not because of the weather.

Holy. Fuck.

She startled and gave a small shriek. Before I could blink, she yanked the dildo from her pussy with one hand, reached up and grabbed a gun from the bedside table. With the agility of a panther, she hopped to her feet and pointed it at me.


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Vanessa Vale